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Sorcerer's Chest

Sorcerer's Chest

SKU: Sorcerer's Chest $32.40



The Sorcerer's Chest is the perfect addition to any potion enthusiast's collection. With its intricate designs, this custom chest is filled with various mysterious ingredients. Each of the ingredients is carefully selected to create unique and powerful potions. This chest is perfect for those who want to add a touch of magic to their daily routine. Unlock the universe's secrets with the Sorcerer's Chest and discover a world of enchantment like no other. This chest contains all the ingredients necessary to create the potion Eternal Youth.


Eternal Youth can come in many forms; this potion will react to your desire and provide you with youth in the form in which you seek.  This chest also comes with a book containing spells designed to aid you in dealing with multiple aspects of life.


Please use them carefully; all potions have some side effects, but most are unknown.        

These make the perfect gift or dollhouse accessory. Bottles are stuck in place using museum wax, which can be removed and reused, allowing you to rearrange the items in the chest.


The REAL scale is approximately:

Width: 38 inches

Height: 27 inches

Depth: 20 inches

Making this chest 1/12 scale at 53.5 mm tall with crown and crystal ball is approximately 85mm, 89 mm wide, and 28 mm deep (not including the space in the lid. The chest was purchased as is. I do not have the ability to make a different scale, but potions, scrolls, and books are all custom and can be ordered separately.


Please note locking mechanism is made of thin cut wood and is therefore very delicate. 


Weight: 97.50g or 3.44oz with items



The chest and tray are made of wood and decorated using acrylic paint, gems, and colorberry cracks.

Potion bottles may contain different items but nothing toxic or dangerous; the primary material is resin with a colorant. Some bottles contain a liquid (baby oil, always with pigment).

This chest is a novelty, and none of the items are authentic, nor can they be removed from the container without breaking the bottle. The book in this chest does not open, and the scrolls are blank.

Considering the nature of the product, we do not accept returns but will provide credit and replacement items.




Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

  • Return Policy

    Considering the nature of the product, we do not accept returns but will provide credit if item is damage upon arrival or a replacement of a potion.


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